Quake Live Far East Online Cup #2 English version

Common: Game type: 1х1 (Duel)

Date: 10 July 8:00 GMT

Prize pool:
1 place — 600 Rur
2 place — 300 Rur
3 place — 100 Rur

Registraion: Link for registration (http://challonge.com/ru/fr_online_cup_2)
All players have to join quakelive.dv Discord channel via this — http://discord.me/quakelivedv (https://discord.gg/010BqYME8Uq5lC5Cb) for communication.

ql.falsecode.ru:27960 — Falsecode # 1
ql.falsecode.ru:27961 — Falsecode # 2
Khabarovsk: — Khabarovsk №1 — Khabarovsk №2

Important: chek your ping to this servers before registration on the tournament.

Tournament system:

Full Double Elimination All games in winners bracket — bo3, WB final — bo5. loser bracket — bo1, LB final — bo3. Use Cointoss command to start pick maps. Loser pick first.

Bo1: each player eliminates a map until one remains,
Bo3: drop, drop, pick, pick, drop, drop,
Bo5: drop, drop, pick, pick, pick, pick.

bloodrun, aerowalk, battleforged, furiousheights, elder, sinister, cure

Tournament admins: @aspir1n, @неадеквад.

Main rules:
*During the tournament players have to communicate with each other and Admins via Discord!
*Player have to chek his opponent by himself.
*Nickname in game have to be the same as in Discord.
*Player have to write demo and provide it if Admin ask about it.
*If player delayed for more than 15 minutes he will have a teсh-def.
*In case of dispute the final decision rests on Admins

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